You may be thinking... I see that you have a beard line and a loc line, but what about me who has straight hair, or a fro, or braids, or a Mohawk, and the list goes on….

No worries! We still have products to help. Our products are made of natural ingredients, and can actually be used beyond the beard or locs. 

Here are three examples of products with multiple uses:

(Hair) SL Growth Oil

The SL growth oil is the main product in our loc line, but also can be used in many different types of hair. Have a relaxer, wearing a protective style like braids or a weave, or have another style we haven’t listed? Check this out to help to protect your hair, moisturize it, and help it feel smooth. 

(Hair) SL Leave-in Conditioner 


Just like the SL  growth oil, you can use this on many types of hair. And don’t worry just because it’s in our loc line, doesn’t mean it’ll loc your hair! You can use this as your regular leave-in conditioner, but this time, you can nourish your hair with our all-natural ingredients.

(Skin) Beard Butter and Skin

Bonus! This beard product can actually be used as a lotion for your skin! We’ve even heard of customers using it for eczema. So, feeling a little dry? Check this one out!