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About us:

  • On our website, you can find hair care products made from all-natural ingredients!
  • Denise Sibblis and Nick Giralt are a couple who launched the Style of Locs hair-care brand in 2018.
  • Before that Style of Locs(minus the products) was Denise’s hairstyling brand! She is a natural hair stylist and has been doing hair for +20 years.
  • We're based out of Rockland County, New York! 

Have a beard? look here: 

  • Denise and Nick have created natural, organic products that not just help your beard look better, but also take care of the skin under your beard.

Have locs? look here: 

  • You may not see many locs products in your local store, but you can get them here! We’ve recently launched a growth oil, that is plant-based. If you’re looking for moisturizing and healthy products, we’ve got that covered. 

For everyone (bearded, locked, or not), look here:

These products are natural, so our beard and loc products can be used on hair and skin around the body! If you see a description you like don’t hesitate to try it out.



As a company, we want to be your go-to resource for hair care. Have feedback? Let us know here, we want to continue creating great products and helping our customers!


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