SL Beard Grooming Kit

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Hey, thanks for stopping by! Meet our SL Beard Grooming Kit. There are products included to soften, protect, style, and hydrate your beard.

Looks look at what’s available in the kit, and their benefits.

🠊 SL Beard Oil: This is a premium beard oil for men. It works to fights itchiness and dandruff. It also works to improve softness and promote healthy beard growth. This product is 100% organic.

Directions: Put in as desired. For best results use this oil at night so that it can soak into your hair.


🠊 SL Beard Butter: This is an organic beard butter with vitamins A & E to help maintain hair health, promote shine, and protect all beard types. Formulated without harmful parabens and sulfates. Great for moisturizing the skin on your face as well!

Directions: Use this product to deeply condition your beard. For best results use this product after you wash your beard. It helps to quickly restore nutrients.


🠊 SL Beard Balm: This is an all-natural beard styling product. Use it to get your beard on point!

Directions: Take a small amount and massage it thoroughly throughout your beard. Then, style your beard as desired. 

🠊 SL Beard Mist: This is a mist used to refresh and hydrate your beard. It works to bring back flexibility to the hair to help reduce breakage and also helps to prevent split ends.

Directions: Spray in any amount as needed.


🠊 SL Beard Wash: This is a beard wash to help reduce itchiness, irritation, and flakes. Use this to strip old products off of your beard so that your pores can receive nutrients.

Directions: Putting a small amount in your hand goes a long way. Lather thoroughly to strip old oils.


🠊 SL Beard Brush and SL Beard Comb: Use these products to comb through your beard and style it! Both are wooden.

What other benefits does SL have?

Handmade & cooked > Our products are literally mixed-up and cooked especially for our SL users. Think of it as beard food.

Locally-made > We made our products right here in Rockland, NY! If you’re from Rockland shout out to you. If not, still good, try us out and see this Rockland hard work ethic put to work on your beard!

Small business care > Each new purchase is special to us and we put extra love and care into our products.

Natural ingredients > You may be looking to go an all-natural route for a while now, we’ve got that covered with nourishing 100% organic ingredients in all of our haircare products!

Several scents > From peppermint to tea-tree, and even more, there are a bunch of awesome scents to choose from so you can enjoy putting on this product. ________________________________________

Ready to give your beard some all-natural nourishment? Scroll up and get your kit!