SL Complete Grooming Set - use this one

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You may have heard of us from your friend, barber, or even Instagram. All that to say we’re happy you made it here!
Now, for your beard. Do you want it to be less itchy? 🤔 Less rough? 🤔 Maybe smell a little better? 🤔And look great? 🤔
We’ve got you.  ✔️ The organic ingredients in our SL Beard Grooming Set help to do just that. 
This beard kit was made by a local New York State couple, Denise and Nick - Denise being a hairstylist for + 10 years hooking up both men and women in local salons. 
Together they’ve created this all-natural organic beard kit with products to help your beard and skin under it look and feel great. 
What’s included?
✔️SL Beard Wash 
✔️SLBeard Oil 
✔️SL Beard Balm 
✔️ SL Beard Butter 
✔️ SL Beard Comb and Brush 
✔️ + SL Beard Mist 
Ready to get your beard grooming set? Just scroll up and choose your scent! We’re excited to help you get a more comfortable, great looking beard. ⬆️