Copy of SL Beard Balm

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Use this Balm to: 

🏆 Style your beard(firm hold) 

This balm gives your beard a firm hold as you style it. It’s still a light product but it works to control your beard hair to give you a very smooth look. 

🏆 Make your beard smell great 

When should you use this balm?

This balm is great to use after you wash your beard. After the wash you’ll want to massage a small amount of the balm into your beard, then comb through it to evenly distribute the product. Finally, you can brush through your beard to get a smooth style.

What’s in it?

✅Argan Oil

✅Castor Oil

✅Vitamin E Oil


✅Sweet Almond Oil

✅Mango Butter

What scents do we have?

Our standard Beard Balm scent is a peppermint and spearmint mix. We also have a large selection of other scents to ensure that you're using a product that you'll love to wear daily. Use the dropdown to select other scents.