copy growth oil

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This oil is was made to: 

🏆 Stimulate your hair  follicles to promote healthy growth!

🏆 Eliminate  Itches 

🏆 Give your hair  a great smell and feel 

What’s in it? 

Here are some of the key ingredients:

Nourishing and natural oils and vitamins: 

✅ Argan Oil

✅ Coconut Oil

✅ Castor Oil

✅ Jojoba Oil

✅ Vitamin E Oil

✅ Aloe Vera Oil

What scents do we have?

Our standard Growth Oil scent is a peppermint and spearmint mix. We also have a large selection of other scents to ensure that you're using a product that you'll love to wear daily. Use the dropdown(above⬆️) to select other scents.